West Nile Virus Bird and Mosquitoes Confirmed in Berks County

As summer continues to march on, the mosquito numbers continue to climb. Although there have been no equine West Nile Virus cases yet confirmed in our practice area, the disease is far from gone. West Nile Virus is spread by mosquitoes to horses and to people. It can cause neurologic disease with death as a.. read more →

Virginia Tech has issued a Potomac Horse Fever warning for VA/MD areas.

  Due to several confirmed cases, Virginia Tech has released an outbreak alert.  Please see our Facebook page to read the full release. Potomac Horse Fever is a disease that we do see sporadically in this area. It is not contagious from horse to horse. Please feel free to contact our office with any questions or.. read more →

Ways to Save Money on Pet Healthcare

Check out this article from the AVMA on ways to save money on pet healthcare. Also check out www.carecredit.com for financing options for veterinary care. read more →

Cuattro Digital X-Ray Available

The new Cuattro Digital X-Ray is here and I am trained and ready to go! Check out the photo album below with example films. Cuattro technology is revolutionary – providing on the farm high quality films quickly and easily. Call today to schedule an appointment! read more →