12 Feb 2017

Spring Updates, Savings, and Microchipping Launch

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Spring Updates and Savings

Wellness Plans & Microchipping

Equine Wellness Plans Microchipping All Points Equine Lehigh ValleyTake advantage of spring savings by purchasing one of our popular wellness plans. 10% discounts on all packages that are customizable to your horse’s needs.  All plans must be purchased through the office and paid by April 30th.  Click on the link to explore the four different options- Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Senior. Call 610.351.1404 for your individual quote.



Alternative Medicine Special – Ending Soon

Just a reminder that we are offering 10% off any acupuncture or chiropractic services during the month of February!  Call to schedule and get your horse in top shape before the show season.

Now Available -Microchipping!

All Points Equine LLC is happy to announce that we now offer microchipping for permanent identification of horses and other animals. These chips are FEI and USEF compliant. This procedure is available as part of our Platinum Wellness plan and/or can be purchased by itself.

Equine Microchipping All Points Equine Lehigh ValleyA microchip is an electronic device the size of a grain of rice that is implanted into a horse’s left neck.  This is done utilizing a special syringe. The chip is activated by a hand-held frequency scanner and typically can work for approximately 25 years. The device information includes a unique number  that can be registered with various organizations that allows for a permanent yet invisible form of ID that stays with the horse. Removal of the chip requires a surgical incision that will leave a scar. Occasionally, a microchip will migrate to a different area of the neck or stop transmitting. In these cases, a new microchip can be placed.  Some organizations, such as the FEI and USEF, have implemented rule changes that require microchipping to be done in horses competing in recognized events.

Placement of the device is a relatively simple and quick process. Click here to see a video of microchipping a horse. Some more sensitive horses may require sedation due to the large needle size required to place the microchip.

Please call our office if you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment for your horse!

Equine Acupuncture Prevention Plan

We are here to keep your horses healthy and there is no better way then preventative care! Acupuncture is a therapy that when done on a maintenance schedule can prevent seasonal allergies and help avoid musculoskeletal injuries due to intense exercise. Acupuncture can also help to maintain a healthy immune system to combat disease and stress as well as much more! That is why we are extending this offer starting March 1st to promote wellness in your horse!

  • Your first acupuncture session is $150.00 + farm call fee
  • Second session $140.00 + farm call fee
  • Third session $130.00 + farm call fee
  • Fourth session $120.00 + farm call fee
  • Fifth session $110.00 + farm call fee

You will maintain this decreasing fee schedule as long as acupuncture sessions are 4-8 weeks apart. Once you are at $110.00 for your acupuncture session, you will then maintain that discounted price as long as your horse receives acupuncture every 4-8 weeks.

We hope everyone had a happy holiday season and we look forward to springtime and warm weather. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have at info@allpointsequine.com or 610.351.1404.

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