Your dog’s total physical, mental and emotional well being can benefit from dog chiropractic care. When treating a patient with chronic pain, if you take away or lessen that pain the body as a whole reacts positively to the experience.

More specifically, dog chiropractic care can help repair your dog’s muscles to allow the joints to move freely. Your dog’s muscles are healthy if they are free of spasm, weakness, discomfort, knots or degeneration, which is especially common in elderly dogs.

The nervous system can also be affected by poor, or blocked, energy flow (communication waves between the brain and all areas of the dog’s body). This communication can be blocked when the nerves are pinched, which in turn keeps your dog from performing at his optimal level, in which we recommend our dog chiropractic service. 
Blockages can also cause extreme pain and if left untreated can lead to overall poor health for your dog.

Does Your Dog Suffer From Any of These Symptoms?:
  • Yelping in pain after a sudden movement when no other symptoms are present
  • Weak front legs with no site of pain
  • Dryness of the eyes for an extended period of time
  • Looking, yelping or biting when being picked up around the chest area
  • Hunched back
  • Muscle spasms along the back
  • Hip pain in the hind legs with no sign of canine arthritis
  • Trouble standing or laying down
  • Inability to jump


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