Dog Massage

If you are an animal lover, you want the best for the animals you care for. Dog Massage Therapy is the best way to keep your four-legged friends happy and healthy for years to come. Here at All Points Equine, we are happy to announce the addition of this beneficial therapy by Dr. Gina Tranquillo to our list of services.

Canine Sports Massage Therapy is the therapeutic application of hands-on deep tissue techniques to the voluntary muscle system. The purpose of this process is to increase circulation, reduce muscle spasms, relieve tension, enhance muscle tone, promote healing and increase the range of motion in dogs. Massage is recognized as a therapy beneficial to a dog’s overall well-being; so obviously, this is a great benefit you can give to your best friend!

canine massage dr. gina tranquillo

Muscle Problems

Dr. Gina wants to help your dog to be free of muscle problems that can cause pain and inhibit your dog’s movement and performance. This therapy service is a crucial benefit for dogs involved in a competition, law enforcement, aiding the handicapped, or whether you have dogs as your family loved pets. Furthermore, due to the positive effects of Dog Massage, your older, geriatric dogs will benefit extremely well too!

Dr. Tranquillo has one goal in mind, a sincere desire to help improve your dog’s overall well-being. Please consider trying this service for your best friend. Call our office today to schedule an appointment 610-351-1404. Dog Massage sessions can be scheduled as 30 min or 1 hour. We have per session pricing and will be building out packages.