Preventative Care

Preventative Care

All Points Equine believes that preventative care is the most important.

A comprehensive (Preventative Care) wellness program tailored for the individual is the best insurance to keeping your animal healthy. Annual and bi-annual examinations allow for early detection of any possible health concerns and early intervention to keep them from becoming a larger problem. We focus on nutrition, parasite control, healthy weight and emerging needs for our patients. Routine care allows for a better understanding of your pet and promotes a partnership dedicated to keeping your pet healthy.

We concentrate on preventing health problems instead of reacting to health emergencies.

Preventative Care services include:

  • Annual Vaccinations: Vaccinations aim to protect your horse from different diseases. An understanding of the specific diseases you are vaccinating against will help you play an active role in the overall health of your herd, this will also establish a working relationship with your veterinarian.
  • Physical Examinations 
  • Fecal Based Deworming Programs: The de-worming protocol is based on results of fecal floatation.
  • Routine Dentistry – Manual and Powerfloat procedures performed: All dentistry is performed by licensed veterinarians to ensure both the safety and health of the patients entrusted to us.
  • Digital Coggins Testing: The Coggin’s test is used to identify horses infected with Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA) virus.
  • Digital Health Certificates 
  • Microchipping