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Horse Dentistry is a basic part of horse health care. Horses that receive routine dental care feel better and live longer, more productive lives.  Just like in humans and pets, oral diseases predispose the rest of the body to systemic infections.  Also, like dentistry in other species, horse dentistry should be approached as preventative health care.  Dentistry, should be performed yearly to prevent costly treatments on diseased teeth.  Furthermore, severely diseased teeth may not be correctable, and treatment options may be limited to tooth extraction.

Many horse owners do not realize how important their horse’s mouth is to its overall health because dentistry has not traditionally been a popular veterinary discipline.  The good news is that this trend has changed for the better since the 90s and continues to improve.  The current interest in Horse Dentistry has been met with both increased research and exponential improvements in equine dental care procedures.
The horse’s teeth have evolved solely for the purpose of eating grass.  Grasses are very coarse and actually contain gritty particles (silicate) which wear the teeth away as the horse chews.  Unlike the crowns of human teeth which erupt to a predetermined height and stop, a horse’s teeth continue to erupt (push up through the gumline) for the entire life of the horse.  The eruption and wear rates are equal (for grazing horses), and the teeth maintain a constant crown height. If you’re interested in our Horse Dentistry service please give us a call at (610) 351-1404

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