05 Apr 2019

Spring 2019 News, Nebraska Flooding, Barn Fire Safety

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SPRING!!! The snow is disappearing and the sun is shining. That only means one thing… MUD SEASON has arrived! Bug season will follow shortly behind. All Points Equine is busy getting horses ready for the show season and the trails! Here is what is happening…

Spring 2019 News, Nebraska, Barn Fire Safety


The Midwest has been hit with historic flooding. Snowmelt and record rainfall has caused flooding of catastrophic proportions. It is expected to last several more months as the snowmelt occurs with warming spring temperatures. The ranchers and farm owners have been particularly hard hit. They are losing animals to exposure, starvation, and disease. You can help! All Points Equine is sponsoring a Round-Up for Nebraska in the month of April. At your request, we will round your bill up to the nearest dollar, tens of dollar, etc. The overage will be donated to the Nebraska Farm Bureau for their disaster relief fund. Every penny goes to help those in need care for their farms and their animals, as well as their families. For every $10 you donate, your name will be entered into a drawing for a $50 Amazon Gift card (winner will be announced May 1st) Together, we can make a big difference for people that have lost everything and still have a long road ahead.

Spring 2019 News, Nebraska, Barn Fire Safety


Barn fires have been happening with alarming frequency in the past month. Please be aware of safety precautions and security to protect your animals and property. A quick CHECKLIST is linked here and shown below:

Spring 2019 News, Nebraska, Barn Fire Safety

  • Halters and leads on stalls for each horse (name and phone numbers on the halters or on the horse for identification)
  • Blindfold/towels available near each stall
  • Evacuation plan
  • Emergency contact and veterinarian information highly visible
  • Keep all clutter out of the way from barn aisle
  • Functional fire extinguishers
  • Barn address visible from the road for 911 responders
  • Access lanes to the barn clear
  • Safe electrical wiring
  • Motion or floodlights to deter intruders
  • Trail or motion sensor cameras for surveillance
  • Driveway sensors


Due to the increased demand for vaccine certificates and the corresponding increase in time, it takes Sue to create them, we will be charging $10 for certificates for the first horse and $5 for each additional horse. There will be no charge for rabies certificates and duplicate bill slips listing vaccines administered; only signed vaccination certificates. Please understand the time it takes to do them and allow 2 weeks from request date for them to be completed.

We are looking forward to a happy and healthy spring season!!!!
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