Your Horses Lameness

Your Horses Lameness By: Dr. Gina Tranquillo You get to the barn and pull your horse out of the field. Everything looks good but he is lame. “Oh no” you think! Now what do I do? Here are some tips about information to gain prior to calling your veterinarian to request an evaluation. Which leg.. read more →

Acupuncture Case – Jumper Mare Cassidy

Acupuncture Case – Jumper Mare Cassidy By: Dr. Gina Tranquillo This is a great case review for those of you may be competing your horse this show season and you want to have the extra edge in the ring. Does your horse perform in western performance, jumping, hunter pleasure, or English performance? How about dressage,.. read more →

APE Spring 2016 Newsletter

Spring 2016 Newsletter Welcome to spring!  We hope everyone has been surviving the weird weather we have been having and wanted to update you on some recent equine health developments in Pennsylvania.  Good luck with the upcoming show/trail/riding season! FYI – Sue will be out of the office on June 2 & 3 if you.. read more →

Acupuncture Case – Musculoskeletal Performance

Musculoskeletal Performance Issues, Improving Blood Flow By: Dr. Gina Tranquillo   A Musculoskeletal Performance patient – Meet RAISING CANE (AKA – Cane) Cane is a Paint Gelding that is used a lot for showing at the intermediate level and higher. He is a “steady eddy” and really shines in the show ring in the disciplines.. read more →

Acupuncture Client 23 year old gelding

Meet Spike a 23 year old Gelding Acupuncture client By: Dr. Gina Tranquillo Meet Spike, a 23 yo Thorouhbred gelding and a Acpuncture client. He has a history of voiding small amounts of urine frequently which prompted an examination by his veterinarian. He was found to have increased amounts of calcium in his urine and.. read more →

What is Equine Sports Massage Therapy?

What is Equine Sports Massage Therapy By: Dr. Gina Tranquillo Equine Sports massage provides great therapeutic value to any horse’s life. Massage is an effective way to stimulate blood flow, enhance muscle tone, increase range of motion, alleviate pain and reduce inflammation. In addition, it is a great way to improve quality of life for.. read more →

Acupuncture Case – Marley

Acupuncture Case and What is Aquapuncture By: Dr. Gina Tranquillo History – Meet Marley, a retired 25 year old Morgan x Quarter Horse gelding whom grazes the sunny pastures around his owner’s home throughout the year. Dr. Tranquillo was visiting him on a routine examination one winter day when his owner was showing concern for.. read more →

Alternative Equine Therapy Services for Spring 2016

Alternative Equine Therapy 10% off Specials Massage, Acupuncture and Chiropractic Savings Spring is almost here!  Take advantage of our alternative services special during the months of February and March 2016.  Get your athlete ready for the show season with Massage Therapy, Acupuncture and/or Chiropractic services.  You can take 10% off these valued preventive and recovery.. read more →

January Massage Promotion!

This massage special is for January 2016 – 10% off!! Call our office to book now! Winter has finally come! Warm up your equine friend with sports massage therapy by Dr Gina.  Our January special includes 10% off these services (farm call excluded from discount) which are $65 per hour.  Average treatment time is 1-2 hours… read more →

Broodmare Pregnancy & Nutrition

It’s getting close to that time of year. Please review our recommendations for broodmare nutrition and health. Hoping for a healthy foaling. Nutrition Pre-breeding – a body condition score of 5.5-6.5 of 9 is ideal and represents the optimum condition score on the Henneke Scale from 1-9 if you are at the stage of preparing.. read more →