Preventing a Colic as a Horse Owner

What is the one thing all horse owners want to know?   How to prevent COLIC!!! Let’s talk about it….shall we…. The average colic frequency on farms in the USA is 4.2 colic events out of 100 horses per year, or one colic event per 25 horses per year. Therefore, if you are on a.. read more →

Your Horses Lameness

Your Horses Lameness By: Dr. Gina Tranquillo You get to the barn and pull your horse out of the field. Everything looks good but he is lame. “Oh no” you think! Now what do I do? Here are some tips about information to gain prior to calling your veterinarian to request an evaluation. Which leg.. read more →

Acupuncture Case – Marley

Acupuncture Case and What is Aquapuncture By: Dr. Gina Tranquillo History – Meet Marley, a retired 25 year old Morgan x Quarter Horse gelding whom grazes the sunny pastures around his owner’s home throughout the year. Dr. Tranquillo was visiting him on a routine examination one winter day when his owner was showing concern for.. read more →

EPM & Herpes Neurologic Presentation available!

Neurologic Information Session: We enjoyed supporting our equine community regarding hosting an informal client education session on focused on recent Neurologic issues.  Our informal discussion on EPM and Herpes was on January 31, 2016 at Sals Pizza in Wind Gap, PA. Dr. Tera Ramig was there to help others understand these current diseases and provide.. read more →

Emergencies of the Hoof

Emergencies of the Hoof –  By: Dr. Gina Tranquillo Lacerations and wounds are common emergencies for veterinarians, especially after hours, but a horse shoe stuck in the foot? Well, Dr. Tranquillo was called out the evening before Halloween on emergency to see just this. Pictures are attached, so watch your queasy stomach! A foreign body.. read more →