05 Feb 2016

EPM & Herpes Neurologic Presentation available!

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neuro horse All Points Equine Allentown Pa

Neurologic Information Session:

We enjoyed supporting our equine community regarding hosting an informal client education session on focused on recent Neurologic issues.  Our informal discussion on EPM and Herpes was on January 31, 2016 at Sals Pizza in Wind Gap, PA. Dr. Tera Ramig was there to help others understand these current diseases and provide answers to any of your questions.  The presentation was quite successful with 50+ people in attendance!

As promised from the event, we’ve posted the PowerPoint presentation.  The PowerPoint file is available for viewing and download here:  EPM and Neurologic Herpes.  This is a brief overview of the two diseases that can cause neurologic problems in horses. At the end of the PowerPoint, there are two slides that are great resources for horse owners.  The resources are targeted as

  1. A Biosecurity calculator
  2. A website for equine disease outbreaks.

Please call 610-351-1404 or email us via info@allpointsequine.com with any questions.

FYI: You will need to click on the link that appears after the above link for the presentation to download.

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